Marsen – Marches – Märsche – Marchas


Les Marches des Indignés (Multilingual)

Comissió internacional acampadabcn  (Spanish – International coordination from Barcelona)

The Marches to Brussels (Multilingual blog with info from all Marches)

Marcha Bruselas (Español – Facebook page all Marches from Spain)

International March to Brussels for Democracy (Multilingual – Facebook Group from Brussels)

Video Kanaal

Madrid -> Bruselas

Marcha Popular Indignada a Bruselas (Español – Facebook Page)

Marcha Popular Indignada a Bruselas (Español – Facebook Page -Info and Traject)

Les Marches des Indignés  – (Français – Facebook)

Marcha Madrid a Bruselas (Français – Traject)

Marcha a Bruselas (Español – Informes)

Spanish Revolution (English – Road reports)

Barcelona -> Bruselas

15M-Marcha-Bruselas (Facebook)

Marcha Mediterenea (Informes – Reports)

Toulouse -> Bruxelles

La Marche vers Paris 17S – March to Brussels (Français – Facebook Page)

Toulouse vers Bruxelles (Français – Itinéraire)

Toulouse vers Bruxelles (Français – Réportages)

Aachen -> Brussel

Echte Demokratie Jetzt (Deutsche Sprache – Facebook Page)

Aachen nach Brussel (Deutsche Sprache – Map&Route)

Aachen to Brussels (English – Itinerary)

Italia -> Bruxelles

Italia in marcia per Bruxelles (Italiano -Facebook Gruppo)



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