Cunning plan of police and authorities to discredit the indignados

Apparently the police has damaged tents and material of the Indignados, while they were emptying the HUB building during the demonstration. Pathetic. Revenge because one of their colleagues was caught in the act at the Dexia action? Part of their misbehaviour was also filmed.

First, the cops threw away the food of the Indignados. With as official motivation hygiene and safety, they found it necessary to search all personal belongings (safety) and to trash the eco-toilets (hygiene).

The toilets of the building were already sabotaged with fast-drying concrete before the Indignados could enter the building. They (indignados) did nothing wrong. They had permission from the rector to stay in the building. Nevertheless they were chased out of the building by Pivin, the mayor of Koekelberg. Agent Provocateurs have worked hard to provide Pivin fake reasons for this.

Politicians have no answer to our legitimate complaints against a inhumane system. They knwo that there democratic representation is just a sham, en that they can only keep up appearances with more lies, more viciousness.

The Belgian newspaper De Standaard published some pictures of the building after the visit of the police. On this picture we can see how agent provocateurs, people who have nothing to do with the movement, have been spraying graffiti.

Last Friday we were in the library, the space where most pictures were taken, and at that time there was hardly any graffiti. My estimation is that at least 50 to 80 percent of the graffiti on the pictures has been sprayed there afterwards.  The Indignados don’t work with spray cans, but with colour chalk, that is easily washed away.

There were no irregularities at all during the demonstration of October 15, but the police tried everything they could to provoke riots. Two times, with no reason, barbed wire was put across the street by police with a threatening pose.

with no reason, barbed wire was put across the street by police

with no reason, barbed wire was put across the street by police

While most media were honest enough to also broadcast the reply of the Indignados about all that happened, VT4 runs away with the prize of stupidity. It said: “Indignados damage the HUB-building”. Tabloid journalism out of category.

Declaration of the indignants (French)


2011-10-14 Belgian secret police caught severely violating human rights #AgoraBRX #walktobrussels



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