Proposition basic values movement

1. No violence, except as a legitimate response to repressive attacks.
2. Assemblies with maximum public participation. The consensus as a method of decision-making.
3. Cooperation and synergies, mutual aid. Dialogue to resolve conflicts.
4. Collective intelligence, encouraging debate and knowledge sharing.
5. horizontal system. No hierarchies and lack of permanent leadership, besides organic leadership, rotating and revocable in any specific area.
6. Impeachment of actual debtocracy.
7. Organizational transparency. The truth as a shared aim.
8. Environmentalism, protecting resources, decrease in consumption, and sustainability
9. Non partisanship, discarding the current system of political representation
10. Anti capitalism. The abuses of capitalism have caused our reaction
11. Humanized economy, giving priority to the common good, based on caring for each other and the world.
12. Self management. Capitalist slave-labor out of the system.
13. Secular spirituality. Any religious rule can not have any influence in the movement.
14. Health and educational systems for the growth of healthy people, leaving the allopathic drug system, and mass-oriented education to fit future work.
15. Inclusivity of every individual or group who respects these values ideology??
16. Revocability and continual review of these values



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