Occupy Hong Kong and the contradictions of neoliberalism in China

Author: Miguel, translated by Oscar Ten Houten. Check out the original in Spanish here


“It’s 10 a.m. in Hong Kong, 6 hours later than Madrid. When I woke up this morning, the occupation was still there. I can almost see it clearly from my window. It’s the one in the district of Mong Kok (on the mainland, Kowloon), because there are two more occupations active on the “island”, which is Hong Kong proper. One is in Admiralty, near the government offices. Another is in Cause Way Bay, one of the congested commercial districts. The barricades cutting traffic there are still standing. They are simple barricades, made of fences and some street furniture. Some of them have been erected by police themselves about 500 meters from the zones where people use to gather. I also see the dozens of buses that have been stranded in the area since Sunday. By now they have become walls of democracy, on which people have attached all kinds of messages. The banners and signs on Nathan Road Avenue and the people sitting on the driveway for the last five days are a unique scene in the city. This is one of the busiest arteries. They are unbearable unless the masses of people and the urban ant nest generate an addictive curiosity in you, as is my case. The pollution there is usually around level 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, these days it’s down to 4 or 5. I can finally walk or cycle without having to fight with heavy traffic. The streets are ours, for now, and me, I also feel part of local issues, no matter that I’m an immigrant.

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Todavía podemos ser Islandia

An article on Podemos was missing on our blog. Well when it was written before by someone who knows it better, why not reblog it?


Vaya añito. Una oleada de acontecimientos que solo hemos acertado a comprender una vez ya habían pasado. Una carrera con la lengua fuera para terminar las cosas para ayer sin dejar de pensar en el mañana. Este año nos ha brindado encuentros, acción y exaltación, pero también pensamiento crítico y reflexión. En Bruselas ha sido enriquecedor entrar en contacto con realidades tan distintas como las de aquí, las de allí y las de más allá. Confrontar ideas, tolerar diferencias, aprender a escuchar y alcanzar compromisos. Ha sido extenuante -hay que decir que no siempre exitoso-, pero hemos aprendido mucho por el camino. Hemos hecho un master en colaboración en red y un doctorado en difusión y en cooperación viral. No ha sido un camino de rosas. Y sin embargo, parece que una vez que te has puesto a andar ya no hay camino de vuelta atrás. Porque ya no existe…

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